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The Bosque Park Attendants are responsible for a variety of tasks in the Bosque, including the following:



  • Maintaining trails

  • Maintaining recreation areas including trailheads and restrooms

  • Inventorying and maintaining outdoor furnishings

  • Report and maintain fences, gates and other access points


  • Managing invasive plants such as Siberian Elm, Russian Olive, Tamarisk, Ravenna Grass, Kochia, Tumbleweeds and Goathead

  • Plant and maintain newly planted trees and shrubs when needed

  • Manage areas of erosion

  • Maintain swales and other past restoration efforts

  • Clean trash and unnatural debris

  • Report issues and violations of ordinances  

Public Outreach and Education

  • Interface with the public on a regular basis to inform about rules and regulations, trail etiquette, boater safety, public events and education offerings, and respond to general questions and concerns

  • Work alongside volunteers and partners on restoration projects

  • Work alongside youth crews on restoration projects

  • Work with students and partners on citizen science, monitoring and research projects

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