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Tryfacta understands that your staffing needs range from short-term to long-term and can be largely project-driven which is why we offer comprehensive temporary contract staffing services. Tryfacta has a contract staffing team that provides a fast and reliable way to have qualified individuals fill your specific needs quickly and effectively. This provides the flexibility to maintain individuals only when your workload requires the help, while still ensuring access to top talent.


Tryfacta offers many benefits to temporary and full-time staffing including:


tryfacta temporary staffing

T     ryfacta's contracted temp-to-hire staffing service allows you to convert temporary contract employees on assignment to full-time positions at your company.


Tryfacta industry's best contract-to-hire service option provides the opportunity for you to assess employee performance and suitability to the position and your organization prior to making a hiring commitment. 


Tryfacta offers many benefits to contract to hire staffing including:

  • Ability to hire staff as a full-time employee

  • Reduced management and recruitment costs

  • Increased access to individuals with specialized skill sets you require

tryfacta contract-to-hire services 

Tryfacta's payroll services and independent contractor solutions are managed through Tryfacta DirectSource. Tryfacta DirectSource is able to deliver agile support that improves efficiency and reduces compliance risks. Tryfacta services also incorporate many benefits typically associated with other talent solutions such as RPO and MSP, including scalability, employer branding, advertising campaigns, and more.

tryfacta payroll services &
indepedent contractor solutions
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